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Are Overpriced Expired Listings Worth It?

You pull a list of new expired listings — and there it is. An overpriced dud that should have been priced $100,000 less. You may wonder: “What were these people thinking?” Is an overpriced expired really worth the effort? Should you still contact them or are you wasting your time? Get the answers on this…

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Listing Expired Listings in a Hot Market

Market is heating up pretty much everywhere… Inventory is low, not as many expireds anymore, and good listings are hard to come by. So now what do you do? I just put finishing touches on a brand new training for you. On Wednesday, August 14, 2013 I will show you four specific strategies to generate expired leads and good listings —…

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Your business gets stuck Your finances get stuck Your life gets stuck Sounds familiar, right? It happens to every single one of us. Once in a while things just go sideways. Deals fall apart at the last minute. Cash just runs out. Listings cancel. Bills pile up. And life takes a quick (and ugly) turn…

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