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Difficult Seller, Listing Presentation Tip, Calling FSBOs – New ASK BORINO

In the latest episode of ASK YOUR COACH BORINO we’ll tackle…. How to approach an NOD seller who is also an acquaintance. You do want to help, but you have to handle their sensitive situation with respect and tact. How to answer a lengthy email from a seller sent to agent with thousand questions about…

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How To Quickly Break The Ice With Expired Listings

Here is how to quickly break the ice, create a friendly vibe, and build a genuine connection and trust with and expired listing when you meet for the first time: SMILE. Smile has incredible psychological and social power. Do a little exercise with me right now – seriously try it, don’t just read it, OK?…

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Calling expired listings

I am putting together a system of mailings to expireds and FSBOs.  In your opinion will your letters, and system work without the call?  I just want to follow a system that has been proven that does not make me get on the phone and hate my business. ~Mike Orem, Utah Thanks for the email,…

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