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Listing Expired Listings in a Hot Market

Market is heating up pretty much everywhere… Inventory is low, not as many expireds anymore, and good listings are hard to come by. So now what do you do? I just put finishing touches on a brand new training for you. On Wednesday, August 14, 2013 I will show you four specific strategies to generate expired leads and good listings —…

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Crushing all barriers

It’s a bit crazy morning here at the Casa De Borino. See, our six-year old has a class performance today and a sweet little girl has turned into a diva (she has NOTHING to wear!) 🙂 But before I return and help handle the crisis, I wanted to make sure you saw my invitation for tomorrow…

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Expired Listings Tip: They want to go with another agent

“I just spoke with an Expired and she said they are planning to list next week. But they are going with an agent who was referred to them. I told her I would still call her next week, but what should I say? How can I get an appointment?” Going up against an agent who…

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