Monthly Archives: March 2009

will they hate me because of expired listings?

Gwen sent this email: “Borino, I posed the question about expireds at an office meeting… Other agents told me that going after expireds would quickly get me hated in this local RE community! This response has made me hesitant! MY QUESTION:¬† How does your program address this issue?¬† I have closed one sale with a…

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Direct Mail is Dead

“Direct Mail Is Dead” read a headline on a busy real estate forum recently. Maybe you’ve seen it. What followed was a frustrated post from an agent complaining¬†about not getting any returns on his Just Sold post card campaign. Nice design, heavy gloss paper, nice photo of the property. This poor guy mailed hundreds and…

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A Letter To Expired Listing

Ten Reasons to List With Me Today I received a expired listings sample letter from a very ambitious, hard working agent. He wanted my opinion… Nice headline, well-thought out points explaining why this particular agent is a head of the completion. Strong impressive selling points, and all the facts that are important. There is, however,…

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