Monthly Archives: May 2013

How to get more real estate leads and listings with video – part 3

In the final chapter of How to get more good seller and buyer leads, listings and commissions with video, you will learn what are the seven deadly sins of bad real estate video: from bad sound, to boring content… And how to fix it. I will also walk you through four simple steps to upload,…

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Real estate training tip: What makes a good real estate video

You know, success in real estate business it’s pretty simple, really…More good leads means more business and more money. I know, DUH! Of course, you can stick with the ‘same old, same old ‘prospect prospect prospect‘, but seriously – is that enough? Cold calling, door knocking, farming… There is a better, easier way. You have…

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How Video Will Get You More Leads, Listings and Commissions – Part 1

Real estate video is quickly becoming a dominant marketing force. In this new video series you will learn how to make awesome, interesting, and profitable real estate videos. YouTube is THE place to be right now – with over 1 BILLION unique visitors every month – and many are looking for real estate information, homes,…

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