Expired Listings: A Simple Plan

Rene — a RE/MAX agent from Toronto has just started using the Expired PLUS. As part of the package he got a free one-on-one coaching session with me. A few days later he sent me this follow up:

“I just wanted to send you quick note and let you know how my first week has been using your system.

I’ve set an appointment every single day worked within 12 contacts on average. This is with a motivated seller who has a definite timeframe to move.

I’ve made 4 visits in person and each has gone VERY well. They appreciated the fact that I was not selling them just there to listen and help. What a MAJOR DIFFERENCE!! I have appointments set with 3 of them for next week to discuss listing it – this is what they wanted I didn’t even have to close them!”


I recorded the coaching session and Rene gave me his permission to share it with you.

You’ll learn:

  • One quality that will pull you towards your goal (and it’s NOT discipline)
  • How to put together an easy plan you will actually FOLLOW
  • Why going for a listing appointment will KILL your chance to get the listing
  • Simple tips to stay motivated and focused
  • What will it take to sell at least two expireds every month like clockwork
  • Easy approach on the phone and in person: from contact to contract

There are plenty of useful tips there for ya you can use right away. Enjoy — and Go Get ’em!


PS: I want you to succeed. If you’ll get the Expired PLUS 2.0 right now, you will also get a free personal coaching session with me.

To listen to the coaching session with Rene just click the play button.


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