8 Mail Tips for Better Response from Expired Listings

Bryan asks:

Hi Borino,

I purchased your Expired Listings system awhile back and I have a  question for you.  What do you think if using window envelopes?  I have a great mail merge program and it would be WAY easier for me to send the letters in this form.  Have you ever tried it?

Good question, Bryan. Yes, window envelope makes sense. Lot easier to produce, cheaper, and faster. I tried it. But there is one problem

Expired Listings Letter

Your open rate will go down. See, the moment an expired listing receives a window envelope, what is the first thing they will think?

Either a bill or a junk mail“, right? Your aunt Edna never uses window envelopes. So the wall goes up: “Somebody is trying to sell me something. There is probably not good news inside.”  Not a good mind set.

You want your mail to be from a neighbor. A counselor. A friend ready to help, not from a salesman. That’s why the tone of each letter is conversational and informal. And the call to action is soft and subtle.

So here are a 8 steps to make your mail to expired listings opened, read, and – most importantly – acted on:

1. Simple plain white envelope
2. Hand-written address
3. No logos on the envelope
4. No company letter head
5. No photos, slogans, or logos on the paper
6. Hand signed
7. Simple return address (name, street address, city, zip)
8. First class stamp

Yes, it can be a little time consuming, I know. If you get too busy, hire someone to help out.  Before I had a full-time assistant, I had to get creative…

here were times in my office when phones wouldn’t ring and the place was pretty quiet. So instead of playing solitaire, I had our receptionist help out with my mail. She made a little extra cash, she wasn’t just idly sitting there bored –  and my mail was more effective. Win-win 🙂

Now go out there and get some expireds!

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