How you can turn expireds into great leads and saleable listings...
Without tons of experience. And without being aggressive or pushy.

  • Step-by-step Guide To Expired Listings
  • Complete Real Estate Mailing Library
  • "No Closing", Friendly Dialogs And Scripts
  • Quick Start Video Tutorials
  • Expired Brochure And Agent Resume
  • Personal One-On-One Coaching Session With Borino

Complete Guide To Listing Expired Listings

Expired PLUS Paperback - 5.0 Edition

The 5.0 Expired Plus Edition

Just updated – over 120 pages loaded with tips, “no selling” dialogs, advanced techniques, and real life examples.

You will learn how to research expired listings, where to find the seller phone numbers, and how to contact the hottest expired leads. You will use advanced tactics to beat your competition and get a chance to list properties before anybody else.

I will walk you through the entire process, step-by- step. I'll explain every script, share with you every insight, show you advanced tricks, and boost your confidence so you can turn more expireds into leads and listings quickly.

You Will Learn...

  • The PSYCHOLOGY of an expired listing
  • Best methods to contact expired sellers
  • 21 Sources of sellers' phone numbers
  • What to do when a seller is on the Do Not Call List
  • How to handle angry and difficult expireds
  • How to eliminate and handle even the toughest OBJECTIONS
  • Best day and TIME to contact expireds
  • Effective FOLLOW-UP secrets: What to mail and when
  • Friendly scripts that set up listing appointments
  • Advanced techniques to list expireds BEFORE anybody else...
Real estate agent prospecting expired listings

Expired Listings Letters, Postcards, and Mailers

Have Warm Seller Leads Come To You

Expired listings letters and postcards

You will get a complete marketing library to mail. Special letters written specifically to make YOU stand out. Each letter addresses sellers' concerns, eliminates frequent objections, and piques their interest. Just copy, paste and send.

Also included are eight market update mailers, and a source for a complete set of postcards customized for you and printed by a professional company.

The entire mailing campaign is designed to keep your name constantly in front of the sellers so they remember you and call you when they're ready to list.

Comfortable Scripts And Dialogs

"If you don't want to be treated just like every other agent, you cannot sound like every other agent." - Borino

Your Expired Brochure and Your Resume

Stand Out Instantly From Your Competition

Expired listings brochure for real estate

Professional brochure and an 8-page resume, custom-designed for expired listings. You get two versions: New Agent and Experienced Agent. It contains everything a seller wants to know...

  • Who you are
  • How you are different
  • Why the seller should list with YOU

From Dreams To Reality

Follow a simple seven-step formula that produces results FAST! This guide is written specifically for you to reach your real estate and income goals - right now!

  • Eliminate fear and insecurity
  • Enhance your self-esteem and CONFIDENCE
  • Bring more clarity, focus and inner strength
  • Reprogram your mind to reach all your dreams
  • Create perfect blueprint of your success
  • Knock down every barrier that stands in your way...

Traditional Approach Vs. The Expired PLUS Approach


  • Same 'canned' script used by many agents
  • One time contact
  • Template letter and a business card
  • No organized, systematic follow-up
  • Traditional sales-based aggressive method
  • Ad hoc, "it's a numbers game" approach

The Expired PLUS System

  • Fresh, friendly dialog based on trust
  • Multiple contacts through several channels
  • Custom expired package with a brochure
  • Complete follow-up sequence
  • Advanced method based on NLP and psychology
  • Systematic, step-by-step, duplicatable approach

Special BONUS Included

QUICK START Video Tutorials

You will have instant access to a set of short videos. You will see in detail how to set the system up so you can start converting expireds into leads and listings quickly.

$299 Value

Your Resume Analysis

Your brochure, the expired package and your resume are two of the most important marketing weapons against your competition. After you personalize it I will review it for you.

$149 Value

Also Included:

  • Free trial of RedX System
  • Free trial of Realty Juggler Contact Management
  • Access to private Facebook Mastermind Group
  • Free trial of the Listing University Coaching
  • Priority Support
Successful real estate agent working expired listings
  • Updated Expired PLUS course book
  • Powerful FIRST CONTACT letter
  • 8 Follow up letters to make your phone ring
  • 8 Marketing blitz follow-up mailers
  • Expired PLUS step-by-step system map
  • 180-day mail follow-up library
  • 21 Seller phone number resources
  • Free trial membership of the Listing University
  • Personal brochure specifically for expireds
  • High impact resumes: new and experienced agent
  • "From Dreams To Reality" success accelerator
  • Library loaded with the latest marketing materials
  • Instant access to Quick Start video tutorials
  • 60-day unconditional money back guarantee
  • ....and much more!

Yes Borino! Ship me the Expired Plus package so I can have plenty of leads, listings, and motivated clients I can help. I want to enjoy my work and have a profitable, predictable business. 

I know I'll finally get the peace of mind, respect, and freedom I’ve always wanted. 

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My guarantee to you: Either the Expired PLUS works for you or your money back. That's how confident I am in my system (and in you!). Give it a try for the next 60 days. If you're not getting more leads and listings, simply let us know and we will happily refund your entire purchase. No questions. No hassle.

What You Get...

  • NEW: A Step-by-step Guide To Expired Listings
  • Complete mailing library
  • "No pressure" scripts and dialogs
  • Expired brochure and resume
  • One-on-one coaching session with Borino
  • 60-day risk free guarantee
Expired PLUS real estate system
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