Most Agents Screw This Objection Up

happy family soldDo you get a lot of “we’ll wait till next year” from sellers?

See, most agents screw it up. They either accept it at face value, just hoping to get the listing next year – fat chance. Or, they try to come back with some clever “objection script” just to annoy the seller.

Neither one works.

Tomorrow, 10/21/2014, I’ll show you a different technique.

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This is a free Objection Buster training session.Don’t worry, there is no big sales pitch at the end. We’ll roll up our sleeves and tackle some tough seller objections so you get more good leads and listings — right now.

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PS: Here is another good one:

“I don’t want you to come over just to pitch me on your marketing plan, call me when you “really” do have a buyer and we’ll talk.”

Would you know what to do if a seller said that? You will tomorrow 🙂

Objections Buster

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