Angry Listing Agent

Angry real estate agentHey Borino, I just got an ugly email from a past listing agent. She said that the letters that I’m mailing out are very unprofessional and are putting the past agents in a bad light. (This is a quick summary of the nasty email and phone call I got.)

The homeowners are sending these letters to her attention. How do I handle this? Have you had this happen to any other agents? I am using the letters form the Expired Plus. I would love your feedback on this.


Thanks for the email. Here is my (quite strong) opinion… 
There is only ONE unprofessional agent – a dilettante who should be ashamed and who should apologize to her clients for being so incompetent — and that’s of course the agent who didn’t get the house sold. That was her job. She didn’t get it done. She screwed up. It’s her fault. End of conversation.

And she knows it – that’s the reason why she’s so upset about the letter. So my advice to her is to get over it, drop the ego, and move on without being such a sore loser. It’s business. And there is plenty for everybody. Do a better job for your clients next time (or give a better agent a chance).

Yes, there are agents who take offense (even with my gentle attitude – LOL). Sure, if you’re start taking listings others will resent you, no matter how nice you are. It happens sometimes. I wrote about it no that long ago here.

Don’t worry about it, you’re not doing anything wrong. On contrary, you’re trying to clean up somebody’s else’s mess. And that’s a honorable thing to do. 

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