Back To Business

All right real estate rockstars, It’s time to get back to business. Ready? Make a simple 90-day plan. This will be your road map so you can get on track… and stay on track. Grab your calendar and and some paper. Seriously, don’t just glance at this, nod your head, and say “Great idea. I’ll do it later“. STOP and actually DO IT, OK? Let’s get to it (write this all down!):

1. How many transactions will you close in the next 90 days?

2. How much money in commissions will you earn?

3. How that impact your lifestyle? List three things that stand out the most.

4. How many listings will you take in the next 90 days? Write it down!

5. How many appointments will it take to reach that goal?

6. How many leads will you have to generate to reach your goal? Write it down!

7. How many days per week will you ACTIVELY work? Put them in your calendar.

8. How will you generate new leads? Make a list of ALL active prospecting and marketing.

9. How many hours per day will you actively prospect for new leads? Time block them in your calendar right now!

10. How many hours per day will you spend on follow up (active & passive)? Time block it right now in your calendar.

11. Mark your days off.

12. Pick one new concept, idea, or change you will implement.

Now close your eyes just for a moment and imagine it’s three months from now. Last 90 days have been AWESOME for you! You have reached… and maybe even exceeded your goal. What does it feel like? Bask in that feeling of pride and accomplishment.

You are a real estate rockstar. It’s all within your reach! Now let’s make it a reality.

Your DAY 1 starts now. Let’s GO Get ’em!

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