Best 12 Months In Real Estate

I spent couple of hours on Monday after the trip doing an exercise. Something I do every six months or so to fine-tune the lifestyle I want for me and my family. Helps me get back on track – and STAY on track.

This is NOT about setting goals or creating some complicated business plans — we both know that stuff doesn’t work.

This Saturday, August 23, 2014 I will show you a MUCH better, easier and WAY more effective way to get where you want to be in about 90 days (if you hustle).

Something I’ve been using for many years. Register here (it’s free). 

Now, a fair warning #1: No magic ads. No magic postcards. No “magic” anything. It involves good old-fashioned work.

Fair warning #2: I’m taking the family on a little end-of-summer getaway right after we’re done. They’ve been complaining that papa has way too much fun so I have to fix that 😉

That means there is NO recording and no replays. You have to be there live. Here is the link to claim your free seat.
Your Coach

PS: One more thing. Right after you register, you’ll get to see a cool interview with a rockstar agent and a great guy Mike Cribbin. As thank you.

Get ready and take notes (seriously!). The video is LOADED with awesome tips, including how he got 15 listings in 16 days… Plus a simple video trick that helps Mike double-end one out three of his listings. Enjoy… And I’ll see you on Saturday.

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