Better Real Estate Follow Up – Fix Your 2017 – FSBO Approach

New Borino coaching for real estate agents: Better Follow Up, How to fix the second half of 2017, different FSBO approach, and strategies to help you get more leads, more appointments, and more listings. Find out what it takes to be a successful real estate agent. Episode #124 your coach Borino will answer:
“Is it worth mailing out sample custom made listing postcards to FSBOs you’ve met with but who have yet to list with you? I enjoy making them custom to each home but I wonder if the time it takes to arrive will happen after they have made they decision on who they would like to list with. In addition I put my branding on the card so I don’t want to appear overly pushy. I do email each of the recipients a JPEG of the postcard, is mailing one being redundant and is it a waste of time?
What are your thoughts?”

“What is the best CRM?”

“Do you think that the southern California market is very different from other areas in the country? You worked this market, what was your experience?”

…Plus tips and advice on prospecting, follow up, good listing presentation, and what it takes to succeed as a realtor these days.

Better Real Estate Follow Up – Fix Your 2017 – FSBO Approach – Borino Live Coaching #124

BORINO – Author of FSBORINO – A Complete System to List FSBOs

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