Here are the topics we discuss in this week’s Ask Borino Live Real Estate coaching:

How Jason, a successful Coldwell Banker agent figured out what has been the secret of getting business and listings: “Not a fancy drone, advanced marketing, or virtual home tours. It was the fact that he thought the two other top producers were very cocky, but I was down to earth and could relate to him. Like our leader (BORINO) always says they will choose someone they like trust and respect every time.”

What does a Super Bowl quarterback have in common with a successful real estate agent? How can you learn from a team that is down the whole game, and still wins at the end? A good listing agent can apply the same principle to land more leads and listings.

Borino will answer: “Got a 3rd call from my mailers – seller wants to put the house back on market in spring. I have stopped by, walked through the property, dropped off the package; arranging for my buyer to view the property this Sunday (it is within the buyers price range), The question is how do I convert it to listing if the buyer would not want to make an offer? (update for 1st call – arranging second meeting this Sunday to go over business taxes; 2nd call – not doing any actions yet, seller is licensed realtor and they have connection with another realty. might ask my buyer to stop by and take a look)”.

Should you work with real estate investors? One of Borino’s students is marketing to investor buyers. Borino will show you why working buyers, and especially investor buyers is a bad idea that can destroy your real estate business.

You’ll see that it’s a good idea to contact all expired listings and FSBOs – especially at the beginning when you’re learning scripts and dialogs – and confident communication.

How to find out the seller’s motivation by asking the right questions when prospecting, lead generation, or follow up.

And watch for the famous Borino Rant™ at 1:01:40.

Plus real estate training topics on contacting expired listings, for sale by owners, generating leads, appointments, and getting listings.


BORINO – Author of FSBORINO – A Complete System to List FSBOs

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