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borino-bikeI just got back from a week riding a bike and I have to tell you – it was awesome.

Tired? A little, sure. But also excited.

Before I went on the trip, I took my bike for a tune-up. It made a huge difference and it ran like a dream.

Let’s give you and your business a tune-up, too. There are some brand new things we need to chat about. Summer real estate season is half way through and you have to be running at full speed.

Maybe you need a little help with a FSBO dialog… Or an objection from an expired…. Or confirming your next listing appointment… Or coming up with a killer headline for your postcard.

So grab a cup of e-coffee with me on Wednesday and let’s optimize your business so you’re cranking leads, appointments and listings.

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No slick sales webinar with a heavy pitch. No replays. Live. Join us so you have a great, productive summer.


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