Calling expired listings

I am putting together a system of mailings to expireds and FSBOs.  In your opinion will your letters, and system work without the call?  I just want to follow a system that has been proven that does not make me get on the phone and hate my business.

Orem, Utah

Thanks for the email, Mike. expired-listings-strategyI hear you man, calling strangers on the phone or knocking on their door can be uncomfortable, no question about it. Can you get some listings just by mailing and hoping the sellers will call you back? Yes, it’s possible with high volume and steady repetition. But it’s not very effective. See the problem is many agents mail to expireds, so no matter how good the direct mail is (and mine is good), it still gets lost in the pile.

People get tons of (junk) mail as it is. So then who wins?

The listing is usually snagged by an active agent who makes the initial move and is the FIRST — or one of the first to have a CONVERSATION with the seller. This is VITAL because being able to chat with the sellers on the phone or in person is by far the most effective way to build trust and rapport with them quickly. And as you already know from my other materials and videos, each and every seller ALWAYS lists with an agent who they like, trust and respect the most. That goes for all sellers, not just FSBOs or expireds.

The problem is, there is NO system that would make your phone ring on a steady, predictable basis just by passively mailing and waiting. It’s because most people are just too busy, too distracted, too lazy, and too uncomfortable to call a real estate agent. Simple as that.

I know, sometimes you don’t have a choice and mailing is the only option. Then you have to stay with it and keep mailing with consistency and repetition.

But if you have a chance to talk with the seller, take it, even if it feels unpleasant at first!

Like it or not, your success in this business depends greatly on several things… Among them on your ability to deal with stress and discomfort. And also on your ability to initiate pleasant conversations with strangers.

So instead of thinking that you bother people, look at it from a different perspective. You’re there to HELP. You’re an advisor and a guide – even if they don’t perceive you that way at first. They need your counsel and your expertise. They need your service and your assistance.

Think about it…

They have a goal and a dream. And you have the resources and skills to make it happen for them.

It is your job to connect with the sellers, to build TRUST with them… and to help those that need (and want) your assistance. That’s the whole secret to your success.

Hope this helps!


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