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The $14.95 Ripp Off

I was staying in an elegant upscale hotel in San Francisco.  My room was spacious and clean. And expensive. Being the A-type workholic I am, the moment I unpacked, I was behind a big desk to get some work done before the seminar. I fired up my laptop when I noticed it. A simple note with instructions…

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Three-Step Success Accelerator Formula

Boy was it fun back in California for a few days! Yes, I do like it on the East Coast but I tell ya, there is something cool about the beaches, the ocean, surfing… Especially now when it’s 32 in DC. Anyway, I made you a quick new video. It’s one of many new ideas I picked up from…

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A Peek Inside the New Borino HQ

Here is another tool we use here in the Borino Marketing HQ every day. It is a white board alternative from Whitey Board. Just stick on, smooth it out, and it’s ready to go. Very inexpensive (the 8×5 was $100), removable, and it works great for tracking, planning, mind-maps, brainstorming or writing notes. Check it…

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Here Is The Proof

Ryan is a cool guy. A brand-new agent. Here is his first email: “You asked for comments last week and I’m sorry I’m taking till now, but  I can’t tell you how much your program is helped me. I’ve watched all your webinars and followed all your advise. YOU ARE THE BEST! I’ve been my…

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New agent worries

Here is a cool email: “Borino, I may not have been able to afford your Expired Plus system, but I’ve followed your marketing plan for a month and have managed to sell 5 homes (my first five). Thanks for the great advice!” Mike Exit Realty, Alabama In my latest seminar,  I’ll show you exactly what…

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Expired Listings Are Just Too Hard

“It’s just too hard” That’s what the email said: – “It’s just too hard, Borino. I’m leaving the business. Your emails are great. My motivation is not.” I know. We are in a crazy market. Tumbling economy. Hard times. Selling real estate for living? Right now? Crazy. I know. But still… It got me thinking.…

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