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8 Mail Tips for Better Response from Expired Listings

Bryan asks: Hi Borino, I purchased your Expired Listings system awhile back and I have a  question for you.  What do you think if using window envelopes?  I have a great mail merge program and it would be WAY easier for me to send the letters in this form.  Have you ever tried it? Good…

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re: questions about expired listings

Kathleen wrote to me: “Need your help. It’s hard for me to call expireds because i don’t have the confidence.” I also got this one from Maricela: “Do you think that expired listings are good to do right now?” The DNC Registry, no phone number, “why didn’t you show my house when it was listed?”….…

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Direct Mail is Dead

“Direct Mail Is Dead” read a headline on a busy real estate forum recently. Maybe you’ve seen it. What followed was a frustrated post from an agent complaining about not getting any returns on his Just Sold post card campaign. Nice design, heavy gloss paper, nice photo of the property. This poor guy mailed hundreds and…

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