Crushing all barriers

It’s a bit crazy morning here at the Casa De Borino. See, our six-year old has a class performance today and a sweet little girl has turned into a diva (she has NOTHING to wear!) 🙂

But before I return and help handle the crisis, I wanted to make sure you saw my invitation for tomorrow – Wednesday, April 16, 2013. Come join us and you’ll walk away with plenty of cool ideas, tips and inspiration.

Ask whatever you need help with, and listen to other fellow real estate warriors and their challenges.

There will be breakthroughs, you’ll see. Sign up here:

Crushing All Barriers

Live Q&A session with BORINO:

  • How to fix your listing presentation 
  • Where to get more leads
  • How to get more appointments
  • How to enjoy the business (again)

Gotta run, our star is calling 😉

Have a great day and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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