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In this episode coach Borino answers:

– How to deal with NOs and rejection while prospecting.
– Should you deliver a FSBO package to a potential seller.
– I feel like I can get the seller to agree to me dropping off an expired package pretty easily, and I don’t want to talk their ear off on the phone, but I feel more rapport is needed. Any suggestion on the length of the phone conversation before we get off the phone so the seller is more comfortable with me?
– What do you think about a FSBO partnership program where you pitch to the FSBO that your partnership program is for an agreed amount of time that gives the FSBO a chance to sell on their own with your full assistance… If they sell on their own, great. If they don’t sell in their own in the agreed initial time period, they automatically convert over to a listing. This way, the agent can get a commitment from the FSBO early on.
-How to approach potential sellers listed as Make Me Move in Zillow.
– I’m in process of getting licensed, I’m trying to learn the market values sooner than later. Since I don’t have an MLS yet, is ok to look at zillow home values to start learning?
– What’s your thoughts on broker Vs. agent working in same office. Broker competitive with agent or vice versa.. going after same listings.
– Borino Thank you for this session which you do every week and provide valuable information you provide. I Know there are lot of websites provides Expireds and FSBO’s phone number –which one is good?
– Help me conquer my fear of pricing. Most expireds are over priced… Let’s use 500k for conversation. Let’s say they’re 50k overpriced and it’s only worth 450k. In my expired marketing, I’m telling them I can get them top dollar… The expired most likely will be thinking I can get them the 500k they originally had listed for. Now, in my listing appointment, I tell them I can get them top dollar and I tell them top dollar is 450k. I’m afraid they’re going to be upset with the price reality. Does this make sense? They may feel like their other agent could have sold it at 450k but that isn’t what they consider to be top dollar.
– Do you have an opinion on commission splits?

Dealing with REJECTION, FSBOs, and OVERPRICED LISTINGS – Real Estate Tips

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