Not Enough Expired Listings

Expired ListingsHere is the problem. Expireds are disappearing. Spring market is almost here and everything is selling – even the overpriced dogs get offers! Plus, less expireds means more competition. So how is it that some of my students still get 2-3 listings a week? A WEEK!

I will show you exactly how it’s done next Tuesday, March, 24, 2014. Register here (it’s free).

How To List Expireds In A Hot Sellers Market

  • Where to find expireds and how to list them right now
  • 14 Sources of phone numbers
  • What to do when everything is selling, the inventory is low and there are only a few expireds
  • Four strategies to generate motivated leads and great listings within the next 5 days

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See you on Tuesday!

Your Coach

PS: Two things. First, results aren’t even remotely typical. They’re not even on the same PLANET as typical …and it’s my opinion that most agents who order any “systems” stuff don’t get any results. Damn shame, really, but I’m not one to talk. I’ve got a bike that’s covered in a layer of dust so deep you could hide in it. 😉

Second, I’ll be on this webinar LIVE at the end to answer your questions personally. They always fill up so be sure to show up early.

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