EXPIRED LISTING: “We’re going to wait… And think about it.”

This was a good expired listing. Three clean bedrooms, decent size, nice yard. It needed a new driveway but other than that, very saleable listing.

Sellers – an older couple – were planning to move to Oregon. Kids were out of the house and it was too much upkeep and too much hassle for them. So of course, I was excited until they stopped me with:
“We’re just going to wait… And think about it.”


I did come back with one of those canned lines (I think it was from Mike Ferry) about buyers and good time to sell… But it fell flat.
And I was out of there. Dead.

The worst part…

Another agent picked up the listing in less than four weeks! I know, I totally blew that one.

Has it ever happened to you? An objection like “We’ll wait” or “We’ll probably re-list with the same agent“…

Check out this video and in 17 minutes you’ll know EXACTLY how to handle it – once and for all.

Oh, and on Thursday I will have something really cool for you. You know me, I don’t like hype. But this brand new stuff I’ve been working on is… Well, I’ll tell you Thursday 😉

Enjoy the video… and Go Get ’em!


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