Expired Listings Tip: They want to go with another agent

“I just spoke with an Expired and she said they are planning to list next week. But they are going with an agent who was referred to them. I told her I would still call her next week, but what should I say? How can I get an appointment?”

Going up against an agent who was recommended to the seller is challenging. But still… It will come down to who the seller likes and trusts more. The referred agent does have a head-start but the race has not been decided yet.

expired listings competitionHere is how to handle the situation and nail the listing appointment in three steps.

STEP 1: DOV, Confidence and Hook
“I appreciate you want to list with an agent who has been referred to you. There is always a bit more trust in someone who comes recommended. But what if I am a better agent?”

Notice the “bit more trust” — I’m indirectly downgrading the level of trust.

The “better agent” question is Demonstration of Value – DOV. An exhibition of confidence, but without being too cocky or arrogant. And it introduces possibility and curiosity.

STEP 2: Answer
Let them answer. DO NOT SAY anything more. It’s fine if the seller is quiet and ponders the question. It will create tension and that’s OK — just let the question hang. The seller will answer eventually, maybe with something like “Every real estate agent can say that.

STEP 3: Appointment
“Well, Jane, you’re right. But really, what’s the worst that can happen? We’ll meet for a few minutes and if I’m not the right guy for the job I’ll be the first one to tell you and not waste both of our time. And you will feel confident the other agent is a better choice. BUT maybe not. Who knows. There is only one way to be certain and it can potentially mean hundreds or even thousands of dollars in your pocket. I will never pressure you but that’s worth 20 minutes, don’t you think?”

Follow the script with smile and confidence, set the appointment and deliver a killer listing presentation. Focus on WHY they’re moving, what are the benefits (and core driving emotions). Have fun, be passionate and get a great listing!


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