Expired Listing Psychology

Here is an article from my old mentor and coach Art Scott. Art was an expert on expired listings. If you want to practice amateur psychiatry, start chasing expired listings. In 1987, my first year in the business, I attended a training seminar featuring real estate speaker and trainer Walter Sanford. I was blown away…

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Prospecting Expired Listings – Is It Ethical?

My grandfather’s favorite saying was: “De gustibus non est disputandum.” Grandpa was a smart man. Ambitious, personable and honest. You’d like him. He would make a good real estate agent. Would he be good with expireds? Or would he consider going after expired listings too tacky? As with most things in real estate (and in…

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how to write a perfect expired listing letter

The trouble with most letters (and not just to expired listings) is they sound too stuffy, too professional, too much like a loud and cheap radio commercial. You may be better off writing it yourself rather than recycling what has been said and trashed thousands of times. But it’s not an easy task to come…

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