Expireds, Hurdles and Magic

She was a 72-year old grand-grand mother. Selling a house here and there. Just part-time, to pay the bills. But Lydia wanted to do more. She wasn’t ready to quit and retire. Not yet. So we got to talk. I gave her some tips, a few letters, a copy of my resume…

She rolled up her sleeves and went to work. And I tell you, even I was surprised when she came back and showed me the results. Seven – SEVEN listings in a single month! “Agent of the Month” award (out of over 120 agents)!

Here is my point. If Lydia can do it, so can you. If a young rookie like Jimmy can make over $100,000 his first year, so can you. If bunch of other agents are doing it right now, so can you.

Hey, if a 24-year old emigrant like me can do it, you can absolutely do it as well.

This is NOT a rocket science. Some rules, some good marketing, a little perseverance, knowing what to say, what to do and how to influence people… That’s about it.

You know the hardest part for me? The piece I always have the most difficulty with? To believe. Believe that it CAN be done. That I can do it. The rest is easy. Or at least easier.

Maybe none of this really applies to you. Maybe you have good listings and you’re doing OK. BUT if you’re not where you’d like to be then we should fix it. Fast. Now is the time. Summer’s coming and that’s always a perfect time to ramp up the business.borino  magic

What is it for you? What is that ONE thing that’s in your way? Imagine I handed you a Harry Potter magic wand that could change one part of your business instantly… What would you ask for right now?

On Saturday at 8:30 AM Pacific we made some magic happen.

This was an X-Club seminar with no “guests”, no pitching and no nonsense. Just practical info to inspire you and to quickly get you where you want to be. There were couple of brand new things I wanted to share with you. Like the three phrases to use with expireds to diffuse their anger, hook them and influence them Gravity style. Good stuff.

Listen to the replay – and please post your comments and feedback. Always love to hear from you! Thanks!


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