From an Expired Listing to Lead and Listing – Part 1

I recently wrote a post about the real estate marketing getting better in many areas. There are more buyers out there actually making offers and buying, and more sellers ready to move. This is the time to ramp up the listing inventory and go after expired listings and FSBOs.

Pat Argo replied:
Borino, my biggest problem is actually getting in contact with the Expired home owner. Yes, I already use RedX. Most have DNC numbers or there are no numbers.  I am lucky if there are 2-3 new calls I can make a week! In my area, about 80-85% of my mailings are returned as well. I have used postcards and personal notes. I have left info at the door.”

That’s a valid concern: How to effectively contact expired listings? And more importantly, how to turn an expired into a good listing and a commission quickly? In Part One of “From Expired to Lead and Listing”, I will give you a quick overview of the process. Check out the following video and download the reference PDF map here.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what happened to the demonstration of my stellar sailing skills… well, right after we finished shooting the opening segment the wind just died on us! Completely. The water was like a glass. So next time…

Go Get ’em.

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