Good real estate news

Rexpired listings real estate newseal estate market is coming back. That’s the conclusion of today’s AP article.

The U.S. housing market has started to recover from the most far-reaching crisis since the Great Depression, data released Thursday show. Sales of previously occupied homes rose for the third month in a row in June.

Summer’s here. Buyers are out. And homes are selling again. So for a while the market may come into a nice balance. Properties moving, buyers buying, sellers selling. But then, as it always does, it will swing towards multiple offers, shortage of good listings, and bidding wars. And then back….

Just another cycle. But here is some more good news

The share of foreclosures on the market is shrinking. About one out of three homes sold in June was foreclosure-related, down from nearly half earlier this year.

Not as many homeowners in trouble. That’s always good.

So, it all means NOW is the time to build up a inventory of good listings. Start going after FSBOs, expireds, even get in touch with your past clients. Price them well and get ready for a good time (all the way to the bank).

How is the market in your neck of the woods?

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