How Far To Go With Expireds?

Borino, How far back is too far to go for expired listings to market to?
~ Mike, RE/MAX

Go as far back as you can, even a year or two. Many owners who tried to sell and move in the past will sooner or later try again. Old expireds are often BETTER and EASIER to list. Here is why…

old expired listingFirst, there is less competition. Most agents give up too early in the game. They make a call or two, mail 2-3 pieces of some generic BOOOORING mail junk, and then go on to the next one. This is where good, persistent follow-up makes all the difference.

Also, sellers appreciate a good agent second time around. No matter what the real reason was (price, usually), they will always blame the previous agent for not getting their house sold. That’s your chance to shine.

Speaking of price, many sellers will be more realistic when it’s time to relist. They already tried their price and months and months on the market helps them see the reality.

Once you make a contact, follow the X-Plus Formula. The sequence is critical — this is where many agents screw up.

First, HOPE. Expireds are often disappointed and confused. Show them that it’s possible to sell and move. Re-ignite their desire with examples of homeowners just like them who have sold and moved.

Second, TRUST. Build connection, trust and rapport with them. This part may take a few minutes, hours, days, weeks, even months. It just depends. But the fastest way to really connect with them is by meeting them in person.

And final step — YOU-THE SOLUTION. Most agents do this backwards. They start with the last part -trying to convince and impress the sellers that they are different/better/qualified…  Before HOPE and TRUST. And you wonder why they can’t list expireds.

So, once the desire and hope are there, combined with trust and rapport, demonstrate to the expired that YOU are the most logical choice for the job.

Follow this sequence to quickly get plenty of new motivated leads, listings… and commissions. And if you want a quick, easy and AFFORDABLE system, check out my brand new Expired Express

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