How One Real Estate Video Got 29,892 Views – A Video Marketing Tip

How can you as a new real estate agent provide good helpful information to your potential clients? What can you share if you don’t have tons of closed sales, or years of experience as a realtor?
One of my students asked: If you are a new agent, and still in a learning phase, it may not be the best thing as you have to be knowledgeable about what you’re talking about in order to produce valuable content for a video. If you are already very knowledgeable on a level to where you can teach what you know it’s a great avenue. Offering valued information keeps the viewer, not just a video that plugs yourself…you put the plug in at the end is what Ive done in the past. Check out this short real estate video where you’ll see that sometimes being creative is more important in your marketing than being experienced.

How One Real Estate Video Got 29,892 Views – Borino’s Real Estate Video Marketing Tip

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