How This Agent Went From 4 Deals To 30 – Borino Real Estate Coaching

This agent could have all the excuses. “I’m new in the business. I’m too busy with three kids and a husband. Real estate is too complicated.” Nope. Instead, Vesta from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is confidently marching towards real estate success. This year she has already listed 4 expireds, 1 FSBO and 3 referrals, and she has 4 closings lined up this month alone. She’s on track to close 30 deals in the next 12 months and her goal is $180,000.

In this session, we focus on improving her lead generation, her follow up, her time organization. How to remove distractions and stay focused, how to recharge. And we implement specific strategies that will take her business to the next level quickly.

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