HOW TO GET MORE LISTINGS – Borino Real Estate Coaching

This is another live real estate coaching and training session for agents who need to prospect for more good leads, motivated sellers, and salable listings. Every week, your coach Borino answers your questions about prospecting, lead generation, door knocking, phone scripts, handling objections, pricing…and what it takes to be a successful real estate agent.

You will learn three effective strategies to promote your next open house. How to make your just listed marketing and direct mail (postcards or mailings) generate more good leads. How does a new real estate agent answer the objection – or seller question – How long have you been in real estate? How are you any different?

Borino will answer the following questions from real estate agents:
Do you recommend making Just Sold calls? if so what would be the dialogue you would follow? thanks Borino!
What is the best JUST SOLD script on the phone?
How far in distance would be OKAY to drive to and drop of package or to get a listing?
When you work with Expireds, what percentage of leads would not qualify because they were unrealistic about price?
What is the best system to get the sellers’ phone numbers.
How to organize your day and set up your calendar schedule.

HOW TO GET MORE LISTINGS – Borino Real Estate Coaching

BORINO – Author of Expired Plus -A Complete System to List Expired Listings

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