HOW TO GET MORE LISTINGS – Borino Real Estate Coaching

On this episode In this real estate coaching session your coach Borino will answer more of the questions from agents:
Ryan is an experienced real estate agent working with a prospective seller lead. He would like to know how to respond to a seller email: Thanks for the updates. For your info we are going to contact a couple more realtors. I have your contact info and will keep in touch. What is the best follow up to get the appointment and land a good listing?
Also, how to convince a seller who was interested in moving to another home but now seemed to changed his mind? How to determine their true motivation?
Next question: Rockstars do any of you door knock around “just sold” listings. There are couple neighborhoods where brokers from my company sold their listings, I was wondering if I go door-knock the neighbors and ask if they would want to sell since the inventory is so low. Do any of you do that, and is it effective?
Also, what is the best microphone for your real estate videos? Plus tips on lead generation, prospecting, follow up, objections, dialogs and scripts…and YOUR success in the business.

HOW TO GET MORE LISTINGS – Borino Real Estate Coaching #121

BORINO – Author of FSBORINO – A Complete System to List FSBOs

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