How To Have The Best Year In Real Estate – Borino Coaching

Real estate coaching session for new and experienced agents. How to start the new year right and get more good, motivated leads, more clients, better listings, and more commissions. You will learn why the traditional goal-setting and business planning does not work. Your coach Borino will teach you an easier, and more effective strategy to reach your goals, where the business is right now, and how to get it. Borino will show you three tools – apps he uses on his smartphone to help him stay on track, stay motivated, and reach his goals. Is farming a good prospecting method to get leads and clients? Yes, but not in the traditional way. Get the success secrets of top agents and learn what’s working right now, including the best real estate scripts, dialogs, marketing, objection handeling, prospecting, lead generation, follow up, presentation, commissions, and success.

How To Have The Best Year In Real Estate – Borino Coaching

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