How to List One Expired Listing per Week

Mr. B,

How many contacts should I be working with on a weekly basis, on average, if  my goal is 1-2 listings per week?”

~ Mike
Charleston, S.C.

Expired Listings HandshakeGood question, Mike…

You should be working with as many as you can handle (the more the better, of course). And as many as it takes to get 1-2 listings per week. That’s the short answer….

Now let’s take a step further and go over the details.

You should know (or figure out) some basic stats:

  1. How many expireds do you need to speak with to get one lead – someone who will most likely re-list in the near future?
  2. How many expired leads do you need to have on a regular follow-up to have one listing appointment?
  3. How many listing appointments do you need, to list one property? Of course, this step is not just about expireds. Your marketing materials, your resume, your abilities to build trust and rapport with the seller, as well as your qualifying and presentation skills are just as important.

So let’s just use some hypothetical numbers for illustration. Keep in mind,  your numbers WILL vary. (You can use the X-Tracker that comes with The Expired PLUS to get YOUR exact numbers).  We’ll go backwards:

  1. Out of ten listing appointments you go on, you list seven homes.
  2. Out of ten expired leads in your system one turns into a listing appointment.
  3. Out of ten expireds you talk to five become leads that will go on your follow up.

So, based on the examples above – to list ONE expired every week, here is your plan:

  • Talk to 30 expireds every week
  • Add 15 expired leads to your database and follow up with them regularly
  • Go on 2 listing appointments every week

tony sAnd there you have it. Suppose you work six days per week – you shouldn’t but as Tony Soprano says: “Sometimes you gotta do whatcha gotta do“.  Every day talk to five expireds. Old or new. Doesn’t really matter.

That’s it. One listing a week. Not that hard, right?

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