How To Quickly Break The Ice With Expired Listings

Here is how to quickly break the ice, create a friendly vibe, and build a genuine connection and trust with and expired listing when you meet for the first time: SMILE. Smile has incredible psychological and social power.

Do a little exercise with me right now – seriously try it, don’t just read it, OK?

Put on a big smile. Ear to ear. Don’t worry if you look silly. Nobody casmileres. Just put on your biggest brightest smile you can come up with: the “10-year old finding his new bike under the Christmas tree” smile. Got it? OK, hold it for a sec.

Now I want you to think of something that really pissed you off – but still hold that biggest sunny smile. Try it.

Nothing, right? It’s almost impossible to feel angry while smiling! It’s simply hard-wired into our brains. Now the second part of the experiment.

Ask the person next to you to smile big, too. Bigger. Then look at them and their big smile and call them an asshole — and mean it. Seriously! Still can’t get mad? Both of you broke out laughing you say. Hmmmmm…. the science behind it is hard to refute.

Smiling is a powerful non-verbal signal that instantly communicates to the prospect:

  • I am confident
  • I feel good
  • I am in control
  • I am a friend
  • I’m glad to meet you
  • Eye contact, confident handshake, and a warm smile make a great first impression! By the way, this works just as well on the phone. Smile 🙂


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