In this weekly episode of success tips for real estate agents, your coach Borino will show you how to deal with unrealistic, difficult seller prospects, and how to turn those leads into good listings, sales and commissions. How to use specific dialogs (not sales scripts) and communicate clearly during your listing presentation so that you can price the listing well.

During this real estate coaching session, Borino will address the following questions and comments from realtors:

– FSBOs are very successful here because of low inventory, how can I show the seller the value of using me?
– What if sellers agreed to reduce a price in the week or so if we don’t have any activities?
– Had two expired listing appointments but both sellers decided to go with Realtors that were with large branded companies. I’m I at a disadvantage being with a small local company?
– If it’s an expired listing and was listed with a big company and they ask about your small company. Ask them you had it listed with a big company, how’d that work out for you?
-Doorknocked on expired, seller was so frustrated with the past listing agent he file a complaint with the Division.. and now he only wants to pay 3% instead of 6%, plus have a wonderful customer service. Contradicting.. I told him I’m not your agent, good luck! Should I advice him to go FSBO?
– How do you call them out if you feel that they’re still not showing a high level of trust, even after you’ve done all the pre-listing steps and calls? Before you tell them, “I’m sorry, I don’t feel I’m the right agent for you.”
– The broker that I hang my license with is about 20 miles east of where I’m working my business. I don’t have any office space available to meet with clients in my area if requested by a client. How important is an office to meet with clients? Should I find a more local broker that has an office space for meetings if necessary? Or, is Starbucks a good enough meeting place?
– Demonstrating the willingness to walk away is so big. I’ve had a lot come back after me and completely trust me after walking away previously. So much better to walk away from sellers like that instead of wasting your time on a listing that won’t sell.


BORINO – Author of FSBORINO – A Complete System to List FSBOs

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