I hate buyers!

Confession time. If you’re like me, you probably hate working with finicky, picky, difficult buyers, right? Chauffeuring them around, spending half a weekend going from house to house… Just so they can change their mind at the end.

No thanks! BUT…

What if you could have dozens and dozens of qualified leads to chose from? And only pick the good ones. Only the easy, qualified clients who are ready to buy NOW. Wouldn’t that be cool?

PLUS, imagine talking to an expired listing or walking into a listing appointment and telling the seller:

Here is another advantage of listing with me. As soon as we put your house up for sale, I will contact every potential buyer in my database and let them know about your home. And I currently have over 140 of them“.

Now that’s powerful. Talk about standing out.

I know, how in the world would you get so many qualified buyer leads without spending tons of money (or time)?

I didn’t know either… Until I met Josh.

This guy has it down. Simple system. Easy to follow. No big budget. No BS. Just tons of quality leads. All from Craigs List.

Sounds crazy, right? I want to know how he does it. So I got Josh on the phone and got the answers. And since you’re my subscriber, you can listen to our conversation. Plenty of great ideas and tips. Check it out… and please leave a comment!

How to quickly generate leads from Craigslist


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