I was fired….

You make it sound so easy!” said one of my private coaching clients after we finished another round of role-playing.

Yeah, I was born with this awesome talent for real estate scripts.”  I said laughing.

Borino's Real Estate Seminar: Call ReluctancThe truth is, I am a bad salesman. Horrible. No joke. I was fired – yes FIRED – from my first sales job at Radio Shack. And you should have heard me when I first started in real estate! I’m lucky they didn’t have reality shows back then or I would have been a big star of a real estate comedy show. Hehe, yeah, that bad.

But I kept at it, learning. And I got better and better. Until I mastered it. And so can YOU. Being cool and confident on the phone is something everybody can learn and get good at.

If you were on the first teleseminar on how to eliminate call reluctance you already have at least dozen techniques and tips on how to feel good on the phone, right?

And so many of you have sent me great feedback and asked for more that I decided to put together Call Confidence Part 2: Real-life scripts,
dialogs and techniques on the phone.

Come join us this Thursday, February 3, for a cool new teleseminar:

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We will do actual live role-plays and dialogs. So if you’re hesitant and nervous on the phone, if you have trouble connecting with your prospects, or if they hang up on you without an appointment, it’s time to fix it.

We had 372 people on the phone alone last time (and some couldn’t get through). Make sure you register early. We’ll get busy.

See you on Thursday!

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