It’s Not Working

Charles posted a very candid comment about not being able to get good results with expireds:

“Unfortunately 98-99% of the expireds do not have phone numbers, and those that do have the phones disconnected. I have a series of four letters that I send with poor results (only one sale so far, after many monts . The time, work and money I spent, I could not justify. I also tried visiting the expireds with dismal results. They weren’t at home, woould’t come to the door, denied that their listing had expired, etc. I knew that I couldn’t continue to do that.”

Thanks for the comment, Charles. You’re absolutely right, there is no point of continuing to do what does not work. The question is WHY? More specifically, why is it that some agents use the very same system and list expireds every day — like Brett who went from zero to 12 listings in one month, while you didn’t get good results.  The expireds you went after do end up re-listing with another agent, so why not with YOU?  Is the system?

That’s part of it. First, make sure you really do follow the system and use all of the essential components. Many agents send letters — letter alone will seldom distinguish you from the rest of your competition, no matter how well written. Good letter is ONLY A START. You need to use the entire expired package as I recommend to be noticed and remembered. Then, include postcards, market updates and the rest of the follow up materials.

Second, four contacts are frequently not enough. As I teach you in the course, it can take from 5 to 15 contacts before an expired listing remembers you, knows you and has enough trust in your service.

Third problem I see is your approach. Given so much negative response when you chat with the expireds face-to-face, I am guessing the problem is in the conversation: not enough questions, no connection, lack of trust and rapport. You most likely come across as “just another salesman” in your tone, your body language, and your overall vibe.

But the REAL reason why it’s not working for you can summed up in one word. I have trained over 8,000 agents from all kinds of backgrounds, in  many different markets, areas, price ranges…. Agents who sell multi-million dollar Beverly Hills mansions to tiny mobile homes in Kentucky. Some agents are brand new, some with over 20 years of real estate experience. Some excellent marketers and brilliant communicators, some shy and introverted.  They don’t have much in common except ONE thing — one thing that determines their success or failure.


Those who believe they can and will be successful, ARE. Those that don’t believe they deserve it, or it’s too hard or <insert any reason>, fail. I know, it sounds simple. Too simple, really. And it IS really that simple.

If you believe that real estate is a profitable, interesting and rewarding business, it is. If you believe that mastering expireds is pretty easy — it is. If you expect good results, nice clients, easy listings, plenty of commissions — you will get exactly that.

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