Mailing Christmas Cards To Expired Listings? Wait!

We all get them, right? The corporate Christmas or, more politically correct “Holiday Best Wishes” mass-mailing cards:

Warmest Wishes from the Law Firm, Peace on Earth from the mortgage company, and Season’s Greetings from the insurance agent.

real estate mailingSometimes even hand-signed (probably a lousy annual job for the receptionist) and with a phone number, just in case. It feels impersonal, salesy and says:

“Let’s use the holidays to drum up some business and we’ll hide it behind some cheesy Christmas theme!”

These types of mailings make very little impact and they usually end up in the trash before Santa’s annual tour.

Don’t get me wrong — sending a nice holiday card to your leads, your listings, your customers and even your affiliates is definitely a good idea. it is a nice reminder and it shows you care. However, your greeting cannot be from an agent to a (potential) client. You need to make it personal.

If you send a family photo under the Christmas tree to all your relatives, send the same card to your leads and customers. Write what you write to your aunt Edna. Use the same envelopes and stamps. Yes, it takes more time and costs a bit more, but it sends a very different message (without saying it directly): “I am not an average agent. I’m different. I care. You’re more than just a potential commission to me.”

Do you add a business card to a holiday card you send to your aunt? Probably not. Does she still know it was from you? I’m sure she does.

Your name and signature is enough. The moment you add your business card, your email address, your website, and your phone number, you’re turning it into just a another piece of junk mail thy get from other agents. And you know where that ends up.

If you want to remind them, you can ask them when you chat with them on the phone during your follow up: “Hey Ron, how did you like our family holiday card? You have no idea how hard it was to keep Sparky still for more than two seconds to take that picture!”


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