Make Your Prospects TRUST You – Turn Them Into Real Estate Clients

How To Be TRUSTED As A Real Estate Agent – And Get More Clients. How To Make Your Prospects Trust You – And Turn Them Into Clients.

Live real estate coaching session for agents with your coach Borino.

You may be the hardest working realtor on the planet: prospecting, following up, holding open houses, working FSBOs and expireds every day…. And you can still be broke. There are five secrets that will help you connect with more potential seller and buyer leads. Five elements that build trust and connection between a good real estate agent and their buyer and seller clients. If you want to succeed in real estate sales as an agent or a broker, you have to master the art of building trust with your prospects and clients: on the phone, in personal conversations (not using sales scripts but confident communication), during listing presentations, negotiations, and closing. These are essential skills that will help you gain trust, build rapport and authentic relationship with your prospects… and ultimately can result in more good motivated leads, more listing appointments, more clients…and more commissions.
This video is a portion of the weekly live real estate coaching session by the Expired Plus and FSBORINO author, speaker and trainer Borino.

How To Make Your Prospects TRUST You – And Turn Them Into Real Estate Clients

BORINO – Author of FSBORINO – A Complete System to List FSBOs

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