On this live real estate coaching session for agents and brokers Borino will answer:
-Hey there! I am looking for some ideas on how to generate more leads. I do not have a sphere of influence. I have been able to close 3 deals on my own from open house clients. I was thinking of joining some type of sport, club, or doing some type of community service. Any ideas?
– What is your favorite buyer lead generation platform?
-Hi Everyone! I just started prospecting FSBOs. For those of you who prospect both FSBOs and expireds, what do you feel has a higher conversion rate? The few FSBOs I have gotten appointments with are not motivated at all. Just wondering if expireds are different?

Plus, more prospecting tips, scripts and dialogs, real estate advice – so you can become the next rockstar.

MOTIVATED FSBOs – The $100K SUMMER PLAN – WANT BUYER LEADS – Borino Real Estate Coaching #125

BORINO – Author of FSBORINO – A Complete System to List FSBOs

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