Motivation Minute With Borino – Real Estate Coaching

Motivation Minute With Borino. Quick tip for inspiration to help you become a successful real estate agent – and get more good leads, more listings, more clients…and earn more commissions. Borino provides real estate coaching and training for agents, brokers and realtors. How to prospect, communicate, present and succeed in the business. His advice covers how to work FSBOs (for sale by owners), expired listings, referrals, sphere of influence, past clients, how to follow up with existing leads and prospects and how to turn them into clients using marketing strategy, scripts and dialogs, and real estate videos and other marketing strategies. You want to CRUSH it? Care. Care about your prospects. Their problems. Really understand what the hell they’re trying to do and WHY. Don’t just show you care – really CARE. What scares them… What excites them… The average agents do a lot of talking. Rockstars listen more and speak less. The more you understand THEM, the more you connect. More connection leads to more trust. And more trust will make you their real estate rockstar and your competition will be left in the dust. More good stuff:

Motivation Minute With Borino – Real Estate Coaching

BORINO –Author of Expired Plus -A Complete System to List Expired Listings

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