New real estate marketing and communication technique – The Connector Formula

Imagine one day, while having your morning coffee, you read an article in the paper on green tea. You learn that 2,000 participants in a study done in Iceland experienced rejuvenation and much more youthful appearance by drinking two cups of green tea a day.

Then you turn the page and forget all about the article. Two days later, while grocery shopping, you find yourself in the tea island, picking up two boxes of green tea. Even though there was no ad in the article, not even a mention of where to buy it…. It was a science news, not a sales pitch.  But there is this inexplicable force pulling you in and you can’t help it. It happens to all of us. And it happens often.
Do you ever wonder how it works? Why it works? And how you can use it to influence your prospects and clients the same way? It’s called the Connector formula and contains a magical ingredient – IDT.


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