Perfect Day

real estate seminarIt was almost nine when he finally made it home. Another day in real estate…. Stressful, long — and yet, not really all that productive. Yeah, so much for being your own boss, great commission potential and freedom.
Jim is a diligent, ambitious, and smart. Prospecting, working expired listings, marketing, following up, trying every day…
He’s been in real estate for over two years, but so far its been anything but success. Or freedom.

Or lots of commissions.

Few weeks ago I showed Jim and a group of my private Listing University students a tool I use every day. Its called The Perfect Day Matrix. A simple three-step process to plan, and HAVE a perfect, productive, enjoyable day.

Every day.

How to accomplish a lot more with less stress. How to get the RIGHT things done.
How to blast lazy from your vocabulary and your mind. How to stay focused, ORGANIZED and productive. I received so many positive emails after the coaching session, I’ve decided to do a free encore session for you.

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You’ll see three tools we use daily in our office, my own Real Estate Day Matrix you can download (for free), tips and techniques on how to stay focused and organized…. And lots more.

How To Plan and Have a Perfect, Productive, Profitable (and Fun) Day

This Saturday, September 29, 20012

9 AM Pacific – 12 PM Eastern
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