Prospecting Expired Listings – Is It Ethical?

My grandfather’s favorite saying was: “De gustibus non est disputandum.” Grandpa was a smart man. Ambitious, personable and honest. You’d like him. He would make a good real estate agent.

Would he be good with expireds? Or would he consider going after expired listings too tacky? As with most things in real estate (and in life), the answer is – It depends.

Here is the thing…

On one hand, I am an independent contractor. It’s up to me to put the food on the table. Other realtors don’t pay my mortgage or my car payment. I and only I am in charge of my own business. I am the CEO, the Customer Service and the Sales Manager. I have to hassle to get paid, no doubt about it.

And expired listings can be just the ticket. Fast track to motivated leads, hot listings, and most importantly, closings and commissions. No wonder so many agents go after them. All fine and good.


The real question is not YES or NO on expireds, but HOW. It is the way to go about it that makes all the difference.

Here is my take…

If what I do is ethical (and not just from legal point of view), but from a human – dare I say moral stand point, I have nothing to worry about. After all, my attidude with expired listings has always been “I’m here to help“.

Couple of tips that served me well:

  • Don’t cross the line (at least not too far)
  • Don’t step on anybody’s toes (at least not too hard)
  • Don’t say things about others you don’t really know (at least nothing bad)
  • If it feels wrong, it probably is (being just nervous doesn’t count)

I think grandpa would approve. And remind me that “Do not argue about one’s taste“.

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