Real Estate Advice From Borino – More Leads, Listings, And Clients

In another edition of the real estate agent coaching LIVE, Borino brings you tips, advice, strategies and answers on how to generate more good leads, how find clients, get more good listings, more loyal clients, more commissions – and make more money.

In this week’s show, your coach Borino answers the following questions:

Should an agent have a picture on the business card?

Meeting Dr. Deepak Chopra (and his new book)

What is the best day and time generate leads and prospect?

How do you handle a price reduction with a seller who is penny pinching?

Who really determines the sales price of a property?

How handle the objection “The other agent promised us more for our house”?

How to review and plan for an awesome year in real estate?

What is the best way to jumpstart a real estate career?

Is it a good idea to have a farm?

What’s the best way to get leads and listings?

How big should it be?

What is the best way to negotiate commissions with listing prospects and seller clients?

How do penetrate exclusive community to get listings?

Does having a nice website and property videos really work?

How much time and money should an agent invest in these things?

How about monthly mailers to the sphere of influence to generate referrals?

Should a newer agent join a team or get a coach to learn the business?

What’s ahead in the real estate business?

Real Estate Coaching Advice From Borino – More Leads, Listings, And Clients

BORINO – Author of FSBORINO – A Complete System to List FSBOs

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