Real estate training tip: What makes a good real estate video

You know, success in real estate business it’s pretty simple, really…More good leads means more business and more money. I know, DUH!

Of course, you can stick with the ‘same old, same old ‘prospect prospect prospect‘, but seriously – is that enough? Cold calling, door knocking, farming…

There is a better, easier way.

You have one billion people ready to connect with on YouTube every single month. Yes, you’re right… Some just watch silly dancing cats. But a big portion of folks look for real estate information: Homes. Tips. And a good agent.

And smart agents have already caught on. If you’re NOT doing video it’s time to jump on it. Seriously. There are 12-year olds doing it, for crying out loud.
In Part 2 of my new series about how to make awesome real estate videos, you will see one simple formula used in a single informercial selling a single product… That has made over $1,000,000,000 – one BILLION dollars in sales (you may even own one yourself!).
And I’ll show you how you can use the same strategy right now. You’ll see a what makes good content that will bring you views, leads and more business. Enjoy… And get cranking. It really isn’t all that hard (or expensive) – as I showed you in Part 1.


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