Does Size Matter In Real Estate?

I’m 24 and I’m planning on entering real estate. I am currently located it is a small town. A big affluent city like Miami which is near to me is 100 miles. Would the number of sales be varied? Or is it just how your work, grow, move around and sell yourself?
~ Aren

Real Estate in small townWelcome to this crazy and awesome real estate business, Aren. Yes, the market you work in is important. Usually, a smaller area means lower inventory, not as many buyers and sellers, and less opportunities. But it often means less competition because there are usually not as many agents.

Larger cities and towns usually mean you have more variety to work properties that are in demand. For example, there are times when condos are hot. Sometimes rental units and apartments sell well… So it’s good to have choices.

But big real estate area also requires more driving, and you have to keep up with a big market…. So each location has advantages and disadvantages.

Here is the bottom line:  There are successful agents who make a great living in small towns…. And there are other agents who are very successful in big cities. It has a lot more to do with your passion, commitment, and your desire, than with the marketplace itself. Hope this helps!


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