• Your business gets stuck
  • Your finances get stuck
  • Your life gets stuck
  • Sounds familiar, right? It happens to every single one of us. Once in a while things just go sideways. Deals fall apart at the last minute. Cash just runs out. Listings cancel.

    Bills pile up.

    And life takes a quick (and ugly) turn for the worse. Stress…. Lots of stress.

    The “positive thinking” fix is not enough. But there are solutions. Some are easy and some are quick to get you “unstuck” and back on track.

    I will co-host a show with my friend Jennifer Allan about keeping your spirits up and your enthusiasm intact, even when – or especially when life throws you a curve ball.

    No new age airy-fairy stuff (well, OK, maybe just a little bit 😉

    Lots of practical tips and techniques to get back in the groove quickly.

    Saturday, April 10
    8:30 AM Pacific Time – 11:30 AM Eastern Time

    So grab a cup of java and come and join us. The registration is free.

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